What Pixel Gun 3D: FPS Shooter Battle Royale in 2020 Looks Like


One might say that Pixel Gun 3D is nothing but a Minecraft carbon copy with guns but it gets better than that. For the Pixel Gun fans, it’s actually one of the most enticing FPS shooters since Halo and Call of Duty. We wish we were kidding but if you look beyond its Minecraft-inspired looks, the game does an amazing job at keeping the game feel fresh and exciting that can even rival Call of Duty Mobile.

In 2020, the developers behind the game made a major overhaul, giving Pixel Gun 3D a much-needed updated quality of life. These include new UI, better online experience, matchmaking, and a better battle royale mode.

Why Pixel Gun 3D Still Holds Up in 2020

Even if it never had the same level of exposure as CODM or PUBGM, Pixel Gun 3D never needed advertising. Its word of mouth reputation regarding fun gameplay, a balanced progression system for F2Players, and an overall good range of maps always made Pixel Gun 3D at the top of its own game.

After its inclusion of battle royale, it was an exciting moment for the fans. But, at the same time, the mode was very clunky since its launch; the map resulted in low frames per second, and there were tons of graphical and network errors that made the mode feel like a real mess. But, enter 2020, and the battle royale mode is doing quite well.

Its standard modes including deathmatches and survival even got their overhaul with better matchmaking with the right people and the same wacky experience but with cleaner UI.

Additionally, the developers did an amazing job of still keeping the game friendly for F2Players. To this day, purchasable items only include cosmetics which is a rare sight to behold especially for its demographic.

A True Sleeper Hit

Dare we say that this game can even rival bigger games like CODM, PUBGM, Critical Ops, and Battle Defender.

If there was one game that had clean and streamlined FPS gameplay on a touchpad, Pixel Gun 3D was the first of its kind. Even CODM borrowed some elements from it which makes it a compliment for Pixel Gun. Moreover, the game still has a large fanbase with hundreds of thousands of players online worldwide. Honestly, it still has some ongoing issues like connectivity and constant lagging but it works most of the time.

If you do not mind its old graphical engine and the same atmosphere as Minecraft, you can realize why this game became a hit for FPS fans – even those who do not like 3D pixel art styles. Check it out for free on the PC.